eTravelSales Help Center

You will see all options for allocating seats at the point of booking if this service is available for your
selected flight. We encourage that you speak with us directly should you have specific questions
regarding seating or any special requests.

Depending on the flight provider, the rules, conditions and prices for luggage (including sports
equipment) do vary. Always check on the options when you make your booking.

Visas, Passports and travel documents
Different airlines, countries and governments have many different requirements for passports, ID, visas
and other travel documentation. It may also vary depending on your nationality. It is each passenger’s
personal responsibility to ensure they have the correct documentation before they travel. It is important
that you check these details before booking your flight.

Do I need a passport to make a booking?
This can vary depending on the flight provider (airline or travel agent), and the specific route. Often for
domestic flights a passport is not required, and other forms of ID are acceptable – the airline or travel
agent with whom you intend to book should be able to provide this detail. Some providers request
passport and ID at the time of booking and you won’t be able to complete your booking without these
details, while with others may allow you to enter this information post-booking, or when you are doing
online check-in a few days before travel.

Can I make a booking if my passport has expired?  
If a passport is required to make a booking then in most cases it would be fine to make a booking with
your old passport number and then, when you get your new passport, you can contact the airline and
they can change it over for you (often you can do this on the ‘manage my booking’ section of the airline
website, depending on the airline). However, the process can vary depending on the airline, so where
possible we would recommend checking with us in advance. We would also always recommend allowing
plenty of time if you need to renew your passport, and your local passport office should be able to
advise accordingly.

Do I need a visa or transit visa?

Travel documentation requirements do change frequently, check with your destination country’s local
Embassy or Consulate before you book, and before you fly. Remember, it is each passenger’s personal
responsibility to ensure they have the correct documentation before they travel.

When’s the best time to book?
Flight prices change all the time and the availability and pricing vary depending on a number of different
factors. There is no sure way to guarantee the best prices. In general, book a flight as soon as you find a
price you are happy with.

Travelling with pets
Airlines have different rules about travelling with pets, and we recommend to check the requirements
for travelling with an animal. 

Connecting flights
As a general rule, we don’t show flights with less than one hour connection time in the airport, as this
might not give you enough time to clear customs and immigration between flights. We also make sure, if
you’re making a journey with more than one flight and with different airlines, that we flag it if the two
airlines don’t offer cover for missed connections.


You need to complete your booking once you’ve found the travel arrangements that suit you. Upon
booking completion, you will see all the different payment options. If you have any questions about how
to pay, we encourage that you get in touch with us directly. 
For security reasons, when you buy a flight ticket you may sometimes be asked for further identification
or documents before your booking can be processed. If you have any concerns about it, please let us

Where is my booking confirmation?
If you haven’t received your booking confirmation email yet, or you want to make changes to your trip,
eTravelSales will help you. First, check for emails from us to be quick. If you can’t find your email from
us, check your email spam, junk, or trash folders, as sometimes emails can end up there. If unsuccessful,
contact us directly.

I think I have been overcharged
Prices on eTravelSales always include an estimate of all taxes and charges that must be paid.
When you complete your booking, all flight details including prices will be updated and displayed. We
encourage that you check this information carefully before you confirm and pay for your booking. The
final price you pay for your tickets may change because of additional options offered by the provider,
such as luggage or travel insurance (although these should always be optional).

My card has been charged but I don’t have a booking confirmation
If your card’s been charged but you haven’t received your confirmation, sometimes there can be a delay
on confirmations coming through, or there could be a technical reason why you haven’t received it.
If you still can’t find it, we encourage that you contact us directly to confirm your booking.

My booking has been cancelled
Cancellations usually occasionally occur when the airline or travel agent is unable to fulfil a ticket at their
advertised price, or if the airline makes a decision to cancel that flight or route. 

If this happens, eTravelSales will give you the option to purchase a ticket at the new price or refund your
money in full, they should also indicate when the refund will arrive in your bank account.  We encourage
that you speak with us directly regarding the options that might be available.

I booked the wrong dates / times
If you have found that you have booked the wrong dates or times, please contact us so we will be able
to help you change your flights to the intended dates or times.
Before confirming payment, make sure that you have checked all details and agreed to the terms and
conditions. We strongly recommend that you always check this information carefully, as travel
information can be subject to change.

I entered the wrong email address
Please contact us so we can access your booking and correct the wrong email address.

Changes, cancellation and refunds
For changes, cancellations or refunds, we recommend that you contact us directly. Depending on the
type of ticket you’ve booked, there may be different options for changes, cancellations and refunds, and
we will try to best advise you on these.

If you’re waiting for a refund:
We recommend that you speak to your credit card company and/or bank to dispute your
transaction/raise a charge back claim. Most credit card and many debit card transactions are covered in
circumstances such as these. We also suggest checking the terms of your travel insurance policy too, as
in many cases travel insurance might provide cover for such situations.